Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Helena O

"Andrew, sure son like father, a hard working fine professional. He has always been helpful, ready and willing to share his experience. I hope to see you at future RLP gatherings."

By: Amanda & Roddy

"I don't even know where to begin, or how to show how thankful Roddy and I are to have you and Frank help us through this process. I remember when I was buying my first condo, I got so frustrated halfway through the process and I was basically ready to buy anything. You and Frank kept me disciplined and made sure that I didn't make a choice that I would regret. You also never let me get too crazy into bidding wars. You kept me grounded and only wanted the best for me. Fast forward 7 years later, you guys helped us again. I still haven't changed, want to bid on everything I see, but again and again, you pointed out all the small things we would've missed. You wanted us to find the best house, a house that we can stay for a long time and raise a family there. Frank - it's so funny, I was just telling Roddy yesterday that I felt like I was driving around with my Dad. I really said that to Roddy! You would say it how it is when we were being stupid about a house (or about lining up for gas LOL), and you just wanted the best for us. We truly value your opinion, hence, why we were so relieved when we found out you both love the house just as much as we do."

By: Jennifer Tangco

"Regardless if you’re buying your first home, second, third, or fourth, the process can seem like a daunting task. I’m on my sixth purchase (my first purchase was a house, the next four were condominiums, and my latest is a house). Over time, I’ve learned that buying a home doesn’t have to be as intimidating. Simply surround yourself with people that are genuinely looking after your best interest. I’ve been through several agents, mortgage brokers, and real estate lawyers. Here's a few tips I'll provide, that will hopefully make your home purchase as stress and hassle free as possible.

1) Interview several agents! Make sure that your agent listens to you, understanding your needs and wants thoroughly. Work with your agent to go through each listing and prioritize the ones that have the majority of what you'll need in a home. This will streamline the number of houses you’re going to see. Your agent should be happy to do this for you; as they are making commission from your purchase. They should also be there for you every step of the way until your closing date. I've been fortunate enough to have worked with the top agents in Toronto. Andrew and Frank Coppola have 52 years of experience combined! I highly recommend using them...(416) 720-0299.

2) Interview several mortgage brokers. Your broker should spend time with you going through your needs and educating you on the various products that are out there. You want your broker to be candid and transparent with you; ensuring that you can truly afford the mortgage you’re applying for. They should also simplify the process for you and work with your real estate lawyer, ensuring that all documentation is completed prior to your closing.

3) Normally, once you find a great real estate agent and broker, finding a good real estate lawyer is easy. 100% of the time they have several lawyers they can refer you to. Your lawyer should contact you and spend time with you going through the cost, financing, and required documents from your lender. They must work closely with your real estate and mortgage agents, to ensure the purchase of your home is done efficiently and in a manner that is acceptable to you. ?

Home ownership should be a fun and exciting time in your life. Don’t settle! Remember, this is going to be your home. Good luck and Happy Home Shopping!"

Love and Bliss,

By: Gary and Jan Saunders

"Gentlemen; I have been in sales ( selling, training, managing,)for more than 30 years and you guys are everything that I have always tried to instill in my sales staff, therefore the following comments are well deserved!

This email is being sent to you as a “thank you” to both of you. We have bought and sold many properties in the last 30 years thru other agents, however you guys have impressed us the most! After thinking about our first meeting approximately 4 months ago, and during the past 4 months you both have demonstrated hard work, tremendous perseverance, highest professionalism, integrity, and caring. We are confident that the favourable outcome for everyone is a direct result of the above mentioned attributes that both of you have.

We are truly impressed with your ability to keep focused along with determination to get the job done ! We will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking to deal with a “Professional Real Estate Agent”.

Keep Selling !